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Sutter and Fillmore Home provides a rich scenting experience for homes and businesses. We create aromatic sanctuaries to benefit all.

• Our uncompromising standards mean that any products you buy are of the highest quality.
• Its clean, steady burn and excellent scent throw set us apart from the competition.
• Each candle is hand-finished, creating the perfect home experience.
• Our candle makers rigorously check our products, then checked again by our Quality control team, before sending them to you.

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Benefits of Burning Scented Candles in Your Home

Scented Candles liven up your décor and add fragrance to your space. They create a desirable ambiance atmosphere, facilitate remembrance and bring comfort.

Candles support meditation and prayer. Lighting candles can help to create the ideal atmosphere for inducing serenity and a sense of well-being.

Burning candles might help with anxiety if you ever feel fear or anxiety. Studies have shown the benefits of aromatherapy candles for stress relief.

Scented candles facilitate remembrance and bring comfort.


About Sutter and Fillmore Home

Our mission has always been to elevate ambiance, influence, and enhance experiences through scents.

At Sutter and Fillmore Home San Francisco, we’re proud of our Black Indigenous Person of Color roots.

Born, raised and cultivated in the Western Addition District in San Francisco, we’re inspired by the best of San Franciscan Diversity by incorporating scents synonymous with balance, oplulence, beauty & harmony. Everything we do is shot through with a distinctive wit, creative flair, and sense of charm and elegance.

Scent can trigger powerful memories and can influence mood, emotions and behavior. Whether it be incorporating a scent to stimulate the atmosphere, enhance perceived value or to increase feelings of trust and calmness – scent is a powerful tool that is widely underused.

Subtle and alluring, scent draws us to an environment before we are even aware of its existence. Take your home décor beyond the traditional and add a multi-sensory experience.

We look forward to growing and evolving by finding innovative ways to use and incorporate scent into all aspects of life and business .