Let's Set The "Mood" with this Scented Candle Couple

by Ashley Murray

Make your space feel and smell like a 5-star luxury hotel with our collection of  scented candles. Scent can be tied so closely to memory, so let's try surrounding your home with the aromas associated with these fond memories and thoughts. Our luxurious scented candles can change your mood with one inhale, evoking the charm, serenity and joy. Beat the winter blues and create an oasis at home and or/ home. Here are a couple of our most popular scents in our Signature Collection, and the inspiration behind each one.


Midnight In Paris

The dreamy and charming scent will instantly transport you to feelings of "harmony and comfort.” Chic and cozy, this scent is a trendsetter for the way it. drenches your senses with romantic layers of sultry amber, exotic sandalwood and sweet vanilla. It’s an easy way to transform your home into a romantic boudoir.


Dream On

Our Dream On fragrance oil and candle are beloved for its blend of serene white tea and healing aloe vera. Warm, earthy cedar and luscious vanilla delight the senses, creating a blissful aroma. Escape into a peaceful and dreamy state. We love to light this candle at night, as we unwind for the evening.